An exercise in Moral Reasoning

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A1. The action that I chose was divorce. This is something that is relatively close to me because I have relatives who are already divorced. As a roman catholic, I believe that divorce is wrong because it goes against the vows that the couple actually made during marriage, assuming that it was a catholic marriage. Also, based on how I feel towards loyalty and issues regarding it, I still believe that divorce is wrong because it goes against loyalty. However, there could be some situations that could call for divorce.

2. A situation in which divorce would be relatively okay is when both parties agree that the marriage is definitely not working out because there is constant arguing. Also, it could be ‘okay’ if either one of the two in the couple commit certain acts that aggravate the situation of the marriage. This is actually the case that is normally presented in the media, such as in celebrity marriages, or even TV Series such as Glee or Friends. Also, it is mostly the case for my relatives because they do feel like the marriage is not worth giving it a try anymore and it is just causing numerous of problems for both sides. This shows that there is an agreement that they really do not want to work it out anymore rather than one side forcing the issue and leaving the other, which could cause one to receive pain. However, one of the difficulties of these situations is when there are already children, and they have to decide who gets custody, but this is a utilitarian way of looking at the situation. Looking at it in the criteria, it is not generally a grave sin. Because if both sides agree, then no one is seriously hurt. There is knowledge that it is wrong, but there is a possibility that the constraints due to argument restrain their freedom, depending on how bad the situation is.

3. I believe that I am a moral evaluativist when it comes to this issue. Generally, I believe that divorce is something wrong, especially for one like myself. However, for certain issues, and possibly slightly because of bias, I feel like divorce at some point may also be considered something good or bad.


So, I heard you were considering divorce already. How long has it been since your marriage? Ahh, it’s been a few months I see. To be honest…  I believe you’re honestly filing for divorce too soon. I mean, in perspective, we both do know that divorce is something that is wrong, despite media’s portraying it a something that is acceptable. We both know to assume it is wrong. However, we need to consider why you’re actually doing this. I know you guys constantly argue and you feel like it’s not working out. But think about it. Are you actually doing this for your own good? Or hers? What happened to the emotions that were there when you actually got into this marriage? You can’t immediately count out the fact that you guys promised each other that you’d work it out despite thick and thin. To be honest, I think you should just exert even a little bit of patience. You, honestly , need to take the wager of working it out. Let’s say, you give it another shot, and the marriage works out, then that’s a good thing. But if you gave an effort and it didn’t work out, and you both agree that you should file for divorce, then go ahead. However, if you don’t take the shot, and it could’ve worked out then you would’ve just wasted that chance on a possibly good relationship. That’s why I honestly think you should give it even a few more weeks or months, and see how it works out. If it doesn’t, sit down with her and talk about whether or not divorce is good for the two of you. If she agrees that it really won’t work out anymore, then by all means, file for divorce. But for now, consider that you guys did promise something that day when your emotions were blooming and try to recall what actually got you into the relationship in the first place.

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Pascal’s Wager

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Today, we made kropek during chemistry class using different oils when it came to frying these. Although considering the kropek brands were different, some of the other kropeks stood out, such as the one made with veggie oil. Along with that, the butter also had an interesting taste to the kropek making it a bit sweet then salty. The canola oil wasn’t as good as the others, unless it was just the kropek that tasted weird. All-in-all, all the kropek were probably just as good as all the things I’ve eaten before.

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BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) are added to foods to preserve fats. BHA has the molecular formula C11H16O2. It is a white or yellowish waxy solid. It also has a faint odor. BHT has the molecular formula C15H24O, and it is powdery. Because these two substances are antioxidants, oxygen usually reacts with these two substances instead of the fats, thus preserving the fats. BHA is normally found in butter, meats, cereals etc, and is used to prevent the rancidity of fats. BHT also prevents the rancidity of the fats. Although both have undergone processes by the Food and Drug Administration, they have some health effects that may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigneicity. The same reactions also combat oxidative stress. According to the Administration, like most things, when taken in typical amounts, it is not that dangerous.

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Comment on VC

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One of the most interesting reports that I heard was the one on Lebanon. What actually struck me the most was actually during the introduction of the school in Lebanon. According to the group, their partner school has actually ben to Kenya on a service activity, and this is actually something that impressed me a lot. For Xavier, we’re usually sent to China mainly to improve our Chinese language skills. However, this school actually goes to another country to offer their service to other people. It actually got me curious how they actually get to arrange that kind of activity where they dig wells to supply water to certain communities in Kenya. After their report, I actually asked if their partner school described the activity in detail, but they basically just mentioned the activity instead of narrating it.

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Being a Filipino, eating food usually involves rice, an ‘ulam (and meat or the like)’ and maybe some soup or dessert. Usually, our ‘ulam’ would be either beef, fish, chicken or pork, but for other countries, their delicacies are quite.. disgusting. Maybe it’s because these food seem to come from the most absurd or outrageous of places like eyeballs and the like. Or maybe it’s because they simply sound disgusting like SPERM, etc. Or maybe it could even be because they just plainly look disgusting and inedible. Being a relatively picky eater, I think food is just anything that’s edible and not disgusting like beef, rice, pork, chips, etc. However, food starts to become weird for me when it looks inedible or smells weird for example dinuguan, etc. I always judge food before eating them, that’s why I become picky. I try to turn away from food that looks disgusting and the like. For example, I find balut, dinuguan, bugs, really really smelly and stinky cheese, and octopus (and other seafood except maybe fish). However, because of my picky nature, the list even narrows down, however, I don’t complain despite not liking it.

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After the VC…

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After the VC with the UK, who was represented by only three girls, I learned a lot of things, but mainly because we were able to open up about our own culture alongside their opening up about theirs. One of the most important things I learned from the VC was the difference between Material Wealth and Spiritual Wealth. For most people in the Philippines, there seems to be a good priority on Spiritual Wealth because of the difference in social classes, others being less fortunate. However, that spiritual wealth seems to be a uniting factor for the Philippines, except for the fact that certain areas are in conflict because of religion. Also, we talked about how Material Wealth acts as both either a hindrance or an opportunity to uphold Spiritual Wealth, in this case whether or not the two can coexist. For us Xaverians, we are taught to use this material wealth that we have to help others in need, thus enriching ourselves with more of the spiritual wealth. For this VC, it was nice to actually be open about it and actually admitting that we, as Xaverians, allow both kinds of Wealth to coexist. Thus, it became one that was very eye opening and enjoyable for both sides, and even the facilitator.

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